Workshop 17 by Donna Downey

workshop 17 by Donna Downey

Lifes' Artistry
mixed media scrapbook

In this workshop you will learn techniques and tips for creating an eight page 8 x 10 mixed media scrapbook. The book is comprised of multi-surface and textured pages that may surprise you. The use of color, fabrics, papers, moments captured and artistic style art journaling make it unique and truly individualized to each student.

*The price for this worskhop includes: 65.00 euro
*sunday 25 september: 9.00-12.00
*mail to hobbyfarm@pandora.be to sign in!
* kostprijs: 65.00 euro
*zondag 25 september van 9.00-12.00
*Inschrijven kan nu via hobbyfarm@pandora.be

Students need to bring:
-painting towel
-paint brush
-small detail brush for watercolor
-roll of 1"masking tape
-fabric glue (tacky glue)
-watercolor paints, crayons or pans - recommend: Windsor and Newton
-fabric scissor
-liquid scrap dots or pop dots
-12-15 photos (mix of wallet sized and 4/6s)

Wat brengen jullie mee:
-een schort
-een verfborstel en een kleine verfborstel
-een rol van masking tape 1"
-tacky glue
-watercolor verf, penselen of krijtjes - aanbevolen: Windsor and Newton
-liquid scrap dots
-12-15 foto's (een mix van verschillende maten)

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